UUMOO is a 'Small Value Payment' service (mobile app, web service, and software), specifically designed to enable ‘Small Value Merchants’ to receive payments electronically from UUMOO wallet users.  UUMOO Dokan is a wallet for the merchants to receive payments and UUMOO Pocket is for the users.

UUMOO wallet, which allows users to pre-load funds into a ‘spending account,’ which is linked to a device (smartphone) where the user can use this pre-loaded fund for payments to purchase goods and services from designated UUMOO – Small Value Merchants.

UUMOO is also a platform that enables both ‘Small Value Users’ and ‘Small Value Merchants’ to Exchange, Trade, and conduct Commerce instantaneously, in Real-Time, Anytime and Anywhere.  ​UUMOO services are 'Location-Aware' that will open up a new opportunity in Trade and Commerce.

Terms of Service

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading, or using UUMOO from the website located at www.uumoo.biz.  By using our app, website, and services you confirm and warrant that you are under a legal obligation to comply with these Terms of Service.


By registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading, or using the UUMOO Platform for any general-purpose or for the specific purpose of availing any UUMOO Service, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below as well as by the service-specific terms and conditions applicable to each UUMOO Service (hereinafter collectively, the T&Cs).

These T&Cs shall also include any additional or modified terms and conditions to any additional or modified service-specific terms and conditions to any UUMOO Service or any future service that may be offered by UUMOO on the UUMOO Platform.

By registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading, or using (as applicable) the UUMOO Platform or availing of any UUMOO Service, you automatically and immediately agree to all the T&Cs.  If at any time you do not accept or agree with any of the T&Cs or do not wish to be bound by the T&Cs, you may not access, browse or use the UUMOO Platform and immediately terminate you from availing the UUMOO Services.

Accepting or agreeing to the T&Cs will constitute a legal contract (hereinafter Agreement) between you, being at least 18 years of age and an individual user of the UUMOO Platform or a customer or beneficiary of the UUMOO Services, and UUMOO. All services are rendered by UUMOO through the UUMOO Platform under the brand name “UUMOO” (or any derivatives or variations thereof).

Consequently, all the rights, benefits, liabilities, and obligations under the T&Cs shall, as the case may be, accrue to the benefit of, or incurred by, UUMOO, regarding Your use of UUMOO’s digital services (which includes but may not be limited to small value payments, or prepaid recharge, bill payment, booking movie tickets, bus tickets, hotel rooms or flight tickets), the neural wallet service, the marketplace service or any such other services which may be added on the UUMOO Platform and which will henceforth be a UUMOO Service, from time to time.

The UUMOO Services shall be used by you subject to your adherence with the T&Cs. As long as you accept and comply with these T&Cs, UUMOO grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, revocable privilege to enter and use the UUMOO Platform and/or avail of the UUMOO Services.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age to register or be a UUMOO Pocket User or a UUMOO Dokan Merchant. 

  • The User must have a NID to register.

  • The Merchant must have a trade license to register.

  • The User must have an Android Phone

  • A linked email address (Optional)

  • You must have a bank account with a VISA/MasterCard debit or credit card. 

  • While registering with a Debit or Credit Card in UUMOO; you must follow the procedures adopted by UUMOO and any further procedures we adopt in the future if there is any. You understand that only payment cards with the VISA/MasterCard integration can be used to load mobile money into your wallet.

We may not add a Payment Card to the Wallet if we cannot authenticate the Payment Card or if we otherwise suspect that there may be fraud associated with the Payment Card.  The Wallet may not be accepted at all places where your Payment Card is accepted.

Applicable Fees

Standard fees are applicable as set by Visa/MasterCard for adding mobile money from your Payment Card to your UUMOO Wallet. (2.3% of value-added to the wallet).

UUMOO pocket users are charged 2 Taka for every 50,000 Taka transaction made to the UUMOO Dokan merchants.

Applicable fees may be charged when transferring mobile money back to your bank account from your UUMOO Pocket or UUMOO Dokan.


You must take all reasonable precautions to keep your mobile device safe and secure and prevent possible fraudulent use of your mobile device and security information if left unattended or if in the possession of others.

Intellectual Property and Grant of Rights

The source code, logos, words, design, videos, samples, layout, graphics, photos, images, information, materials, documents, data, databases, and all other information and intellectual property accessible on or through the UUMOO app and website (https://www.uumoo.biz/) is our property and is protected by intellectual property laws.

If you have downloaded and used our app, service, program, product, or subscription or otherwise entered into a separate agreement with us you will also be subject to the terms of that agreement or those terms of use, which shall prevail in the event of a conflict.

Grant of License with UUMOO Approval

In case you wish to use any part of the services as a part of your application or modify any part of the services, such use will be subject to UUMOO’s prior written approval and for that, you will be entered into a separate license agreement with UUMOO. Any API, commercial or enterprise use of the services shall be governed by the API License Addendum or such other separate agreement as may be required by UUMOO.

Use and Conduct on our Services and Prohibition Thereof

By using UUMOO and our website (https://www.uumoo.biz/) either directly or indirectly, you agree that you will only use this service for the purposes within these terms and conditions and according to law, regulations and other guidelines which are either expressly or impliedly have been given.

By Using UUMOO App and Website You Understand That

  1. Accessing any of our resources by means other than we provide is prohibited. You agree that you will not access our website in any unlawful manner or any other unethical manner whichever it may be.

  2. By using and accessing UUMOO (app or website) you are agreeing that any information you provide will always be correct, accurate, and according to law.

  3. By using our app and by accessing our website (https://www.uumoo.biz/) you are agreeing that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any login, registration, or any information associated with any account you access and use. Henceforth, you agree that you are solely responsible for the activities that occur under your account.

  4. When using UUMOO (app and website) it is prohibited to engage in any activity or business which may disrupt or interfere with our app, website content, our services, and our business.

  5. You agree that you will not duplicate, copy, or counterfeit source code, logos, business models, products, videos, samples, services in any way neither you will sell them on your own.

  6. By using UUMOO (app and logo) you agree that you are responsible for the consequences, losses, or damages that may directly or indirectly, you may incur due to any unlawful, unethical or unauthorized activity as explained above. For which you may be held responsible in the eyes of law.

You Agree and Consent That You Will Not

  1. Use defamatory, threatening, illegal, invasive, deceptive, fraudulent, degrading, racist, and demeaning or any sort of inappropriate behavior on UUMOO.

  2. Break or infringe any copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property law in any way or manner that may harm now or in the future to UUMOO and our business.

  3. You will not involve in any prohibited, unethical, or unsolicited advertising.

  4. Impersonate any person and use a fake name or gain access to anyone’s account in any way or manner that may deem unlawful.

  5. You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the website.

  6. Use, upload, send, transfer any malware, computer virus, Trojan, or any other program that may harm and disrupt the services of the website in any way.

  7. You will not tamper with any copyrighted material in any way.


In any case, we have the right to remove any material objectionable or otherwise without any notice, also make changes, modify, and adapt, we will not be held liable for any of our activities.

Release of Claims

In no event will we at UUMOO be liable to any individual, company, party, the legal team for any type of direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable, or consequential damages for any use of or reliance on our app or website, its services, and its content, or on those affiliated with UUMOO in any way, and you hereby release us from any claims, including, without limitation, those related to the loss of any profits, personal or business hindrances, interruptions, personal injuries, accidents, misapplication of information, or any other loss, mental or physical problem, condition or issue, or otherwise, even if we are expressly advised of the possibility of such damages or difficulties.


At UUMOO, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse or terminate your access to our app or website and all of its services in full or in part, at any time with or without notice. In the event of cancellation or termination, you are no longer authorized to access the part of the website affected by such cancellation or termination.

The restrictions imposed on you in these terms and conditions for the website, services, and content will still apply now and in the future, even after termination by you or us.

Amendment in Terms of Service

We reserve the right to amend (add, delete, replace) these terms at any time by writing amended Terms of Service. In case of any amendment or change the new terms will be enforced the moment they are posted here and will have the same value as these terms.

If you continue to use our app or services after the amendments, it will be assumed that you have agreed on those terms and accepted them. Thus, we encourage you to please read and review all terms, documents, policies, or any information posted on our website (https://www.uumoo.biz/) from time to time to keep yourself updated.

Contact Information

If you have any question or queries, please be sure to get in touch with us from the following details:

UUMOO Limited

Wakil Tower (6th Floor),

TA- 131, Gulshan-Badda Link Road,

Gulshan-1, Dhaka- 1212

E-mail: support@uumoo.com.bd


Website: (https://www.uumoo.biz)